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Titles Marked With This Tag:

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2018-08-19 OMNIBUS English Lost Worlds: The Ultimate Anthology: 40 Classic Tales Nico Lorenzutti     lost world (1), lost race (1)
2017-08-23 SHORTFICTION English Old Bones Keith Minnion     lost world (1), science fiction (1)
2015-12-31 NOVEL English Intulo: The Lost World J. E. Gurley     lost world (1)
2015-05-15 NOVEL English Lost World of Patagonia Dane Hatchell     dinosaurs (1), lost world (1)
2015-01-15 NOVEL English The Sinking Island Don D'Ammassa     lost world (1)
2010-04-16 NOVEL English The Valley William Meikle     lost world (1), horror (1), prehistoric (1), lost race (1), giant insects (1), weird west (1)
2009-04-28 NOVEL English Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow James Clemens     juvenile sf (1), lost world (1)
1993-02-00 OMNIBUS French Les mondes perdus H. Rider Haggard and James Hilton and Rudyard Kipling and A. Merritt and
J. H. Rosny aîné?J. H. Rosny aine
and Jules Verne and H. G. Wells
    lost world (1)
1992-09-00 NOVEL English Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time James Gurney     lost world (1), dinosaurs (1)
1990-01-00 ESSAY Romanian Lumi pierdute Gustav Wahl     lost world (1)
1988-00-00 NOVEL English Of One Blood; or, The Hidden Self Pauline Hopkins     secret royalty (1), lost world (1), mesmerism (1), ghosts (1), reincarnation (1)
1971-11-00 NOVEL English The Mask of Circe Henry Kuttner     mythology (1), time travel (1), lost world (1)
1962-00-00 NOVEL English Journey Into Limbo: A Novel of Intimate Adventure Scott Michel     lost world (1)
1961-00-00 SHORTFICTION German Bau und Leben der Rhinogradentia Gerolf Steiner     lost world (1), evolution (1), humor (1)
1953-00-00 NOVEL English The Adventures of Pancho of Peru Albert J. Nevins     lost world (1)
1948-02-00 SHORTFICTION English "Slaves of the Worm" Richard S. Shaver     action-adventure (1), hollow earth (1), heroic fantasy (1), occult (1), lost world (1)
1942-00-00 NOVEL English New Trade Winds for the Seven Seas Alaric J. Roberts     lost world (1), Atlantis (1)
1941-00-00 NOVEL English Pray for a Miracle Alan Amos     lost world (1)
1939-00-00 NOVEL English Princess of Yucatan Alice Alison Lide     lost world (1)
1938-00-00 NOVEL English No Borderland M. Marlow Morris and Laura B. Speer     Utopia (1), lost world (1), Atlantis (1)
1938-00-00 NOVEL English The Cave of a Thousand Columns T. E. Grattan-Smith     lost world (1)
1938-00-00 NOVEL English The Footstool of the Moon J. Alan Rennie     lost world (1)
1937-09-15 NOVEL English Back to the Stone Age Edgar Rice Burroughs     adventure (1), lost world (1)
1937-00-00 NOVEL English The Lost Valley of Diamonds S. Beresford Lucas     lost world (1)
1936-00-00 NOVEL English A New Earth and a New Heaven William Boyle Hill     lost world (1)
1936-00-00 NOVEL Portuguese Kalum, o mistério do sertão Menotti Del Picchia     lost world (1), Brazil (1), Amazon jungle (1)
1936-00-00 SHORTFICTION French
Le formidable secret du Pôle?Le formidable secret du Pole
Jean Ray     Atlantis (1), science fiction (1), lost world (1)
1934-10-00 SHORTFICTION English The Pool of Life P. Schuyler Miller     lost world (1), mental control (1), telepathy (1), silicon life (1), mind control (1)
1933-08-00 SHORTFICTION English Children of the Great Magma Walter Kateley     lost world (1)
1933-03-00 SHORTFICTION English The Tomb of Time Richard Tooker     lost world (1)
1932-09-00 SHORTFICTION English Into the Mesozoic Duane N. Carroll     lost world (1)
1932-04-15 NOVEL English Jungle Girl Edgar Rice Burroughs     jungle (1), lost world (1)
1931-04-00 SHORTFICTION English The Lake of Light Jack Williamson     lost world (1), heat ray (1)
1931-03-00 SHORTFICTION English The Valley of Titans Lloyd Arthur Eshbach     lost world (1), submen (1), beast men (1), living disks (1)
1930-00-00 NOVEL Portuguese A República 3000 Menotti Del Picchia     Brazil (1), lost world (1), Incas (1)
1930-11-00 SHORTFICTION English Lords of the Deep Henry F. Kirkham     lost world (1)
1930-12-15 SHORTFICTION English Pithecanthropus Island Isaac R. Nathanson     lost world (1), lost race (1)
1930-12-00 SHORTFICTION English The Ape-Men of Xlotli David R. Sparks     lost race (2), peyote (1), gravity (1), megafauna (1), fauna (1), lost world (1), Mexico . (1), contemporary (1), fantasy (1), ape-men (1), flora (1), megaflora (1), low gravity (1), subterranean (1), Quetzalcoatl (1)
1929-00-00 NOVEL English The Mountain of Mystery: A Tale of the Arabian Desert Kenlis Langley     lost world (1)
1928-04-00 SHORTFICTION English The King of the Monkey Men A. Hyatt Verrill     lost race (1), lost world (1)
1928-00-00 NOVEL English The Treasure of the Tropics Eric North     lost world (1), immortality (1), death ray (1)
1928-10-00 NOVEL English The World of the Giant Ants A. Hyatt Verrill     lost world (1), giant ants (1)
1927-00-00 NOVEL English The Glorious Trek A. G. Hales     lost world (1)
1926-10-00 SHORTFICTION English Beyond the Pole A. Hyatt Verrill     lost world (1), antigravity (1), telepathy (1)
1926-00-00 NOVEL English When the Earth Swung Over: A Strange Story of the Mysterious White People of the Napo Alfred Colbeck     lost world (1), Atlantis (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL Portuguese Amazônia Misteriosa Gastão Cruls     lost world (1), Amazon jungle (1), Brazil (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL English Golden Isle Roland Ashford Phillips     lost world (1)
1925-00-00 SHORTFICTION Swedish Isens fångar Jul. Regis     lost world (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL French L'amazone du mont Everest Jean de La Hire     science fiction (2), lost world (2)
1925-00-00 NOVEL English Neutopia E. Richardson     lost world (1), Utopia (1), eugenics (1), telepathy (1)
1925-03-21 NOVEL English The Cave Girl Edgar Rice Burroughs     lost world (1), jungle (1), survival (1), shipwreck (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL English The Dinosaur's Egg Edmund Candler     lost world (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL English The Red Diamond Samuel Scoville, Jr.     lost world (1)
1921-00-00 NOVEL English Hanit the Enchantress Garrett Chatfield Pier     lost world (1)
1920-00-00 COLLECTION English The Earthomotor and Other Stories C. E. Linton     hollow earth (1), lost world (1), lost race (1)
1919-00-00 NOVEL English 'Further East than Asia': A Romantic Adventure Ward Muir     lost world (1)
1912-00-00 NOVEL English The Lost World Arthur Conan Doyle     Librivox (1), science fiction (1), lost race (1), Anatomy of Wonder 1 Core Collection (1), dinosaurs (1), Fantasy: The 100 Best Books (1), NESFA Core Reading List (1), lost world (1), Professor Challenger (1)
1911-00-00 NOVEL English In Quest of Aztec Treasure Arthur Howard Noll and Bourdon Wilson     lost world (1)
1909-00-00 NOVEL English Beatrice the Sixteenth Irene Clyde     lost world (1), time travel (1), Utopia (1)
1908-00-00 NOVEL English A Scout's Story Owen Rhoscomyl     lost world (1)
1908-00-00 NOVEL English The Yellow God: An Idol of Africa H. Rider Haggard     lost world (1), lost race (1)
1907-00-00 NOVEL English The Boats of the "Glen Carrig" William Hope Hodgson     weird (1), sea adventure (1), sea horror (1), sea monsters (1), lost world (1), Horror: Another 100 Best Books (1), NESFA Core Reading List (1), horror (1)
1907-00-00 NOVEL English The Hidden City: A Story of Central America Walter Rhoades     lost world (1), young-adult (1)
1905-00-00 NOVEL English An Island in the Air: A Story of Singular Adventures in the Mesa Country Ernest Ingersoll     lost world (1)
1904-00-00 NOVEL English A Tale Half Told Julia La Voie     lost world (1)
1904-04-00 SHORTFICTION English The Country of the Blind H. G. Wells     lost race (1), Librivox (1), lost world (1), parable (1), South-America (1), genetic mutation (1), Escape (Radio) (1)
1904-00-00 NOVEL English The Queen of Quelparte: A Story of Russian Intrigue in the Far East Archer Butler Hulbert     lost world (1)
1903-00-00 NOVEL English The Valley of Mystery: Or, the Search for the Flower of Gold: A Story of Venezuela Henry Harrison Lewis     lost world (1)
1902-00-00 NOVEL English Under Red Pillars Ada M. Kennicott     lost world (1), hollow earth (1)
1901-07-11 NOVEL French Le village aérien Jules Verne     lost world (1)
1901-00-00 NOVEL English Thyra: A Romance of the Polar Pit Robert Ames Bennet     lost world (1)
1898-00-00 NOVEL English The Gold of Ophir D. Howard Gwinn     lost world (1)
1898-00-00 NOVEL English The Heart of Sindhra: A Novel Frederick Houk Law     lost race (1), lost world (1)
1898-00-00 NOVEL English The Queen of the Extinct Volcano C. Dudley Lampen     lost world (1)
1897-00-00 NOVEL English A Polar Eden; or, The Goal of the "Dauntless" Charles R. Kenyon     lost world (1)
1897-00-00 NOVEL English For Love of a Bedouin Maid Le Voleur     lost world (1)
1897-00-00 NOVEL English The Raid of the "Detrimental": Being the True History of the Great Disappearance of 1862; Related by Several of Those Implicated and Others; And Now First Set Forth The Earl of Desart     lost world (1), Utopia (1)
1896-00-00 NOVEL English An Australian Bush Track J. D. Hennessey     lost world (1)
1896-08-01 SHORTFICTION English In the Abyss H. G. Wells     Google Books (1), fish-men (1), Librivox (1), science fiction (1), lost world (1), undersea (1)
1896-00-00 SHORTFICTION French
La contrée prodigieuse des cavernes?La contree prodigieuse des cavernes
J. H. Rosny aîné?J. H. Rosny aine
    science fiction (1), lost world (1)
1896-00-00 SHORTFICTION French Les profondeurs de Kyamo
J. H. Rosny aîné?J. H. Rosny aine
    science fiction (1), lost world (1)
1895-00-00 NOVEL English Etidorhpa John Uri Lloyd     hollow earth (2), Anatomy of Wonder 1 Core Collection (1), lost world (1)
1895-00-00 NOVEL English The Adventures of Captain Horn Frank R. Stockton     lost world (1)
1895-00-00 NOVEL English The Third World: A Tale of Love and Strange Adventure Henry Clay Fairman     lost world (1)
1893-00-00 NOVEL English The Lost Canyon of the Toltecs Charles Sumner Seeley     Google Books (1), lost race (1), lost world (1)
1892-00-00 NOVEL English Hamtura: A Tale of an Unknown Land H. S. Lockhart-Ross     lost world (1)
1892-00-00 NOVEL English Scarabaeus: The Story of an African Beetle James Clarence Harvey and Clara Lanza     lost world (1)
1892-00-00 NOVEL English The American Peasant: a Timely Allegory Elia W. Peattie and T. H. Tibbles     lost world (1), Utopia (1)
1891-00-00 NOVEL English The Fountain of Youth Erasmus Dawson     lost world (1)
1891-00-00 NOVEL English The Man from Mars: His Morals, Politics and Religion Thomas Blot     lost world (1), Utopia (1)
1889-00-00 NOVEL English Sub Sole, or Under the Sun: Missionary Adventures in the Great Sahara Artegall Smith     lost world (1)
1886-00-00 NOVEL English The Queen's Land; or, Ard al Malakat Verney Lovett Cameron     lost world (1)
1886-00-00 NOVEL English Under Five Lakes; or, The Cruise of the "Destroyer" M. Quad     lost world (1)
1865-00-00 NOVEL English The Cloud King; or, Up in the Air and Down in the Sea W. Stephens Hayward     lost world (1), center of the earth (1)
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